Make your processes
work for you

Workflow management tool to put recurring processes on autopilot.

Your Tasks on Autopilot

No more looking who's responsible for a task in a complex spreadsheet. Forget about going through endless email threads to find the latest version of a document. Get notified before your tasks are overdue. With Flokzu you can access all that with a few clicks.


Define your processes according to your own business rules, assign tasks, set up SLAs, parallel flows and more.


Each process instance contains fields, attachments and comments. Collaborate with your team and achieve your goals.


Analyze the performance of your organization/team and make decisions based on powerful reports.

Integration +700 apps

Integrate your processes with your favorite apps through Zapier and Web Services.


How it works

Model your business processes

Nobody knows your business better than you. Create your own processes according to your organization’s reality.

Draw the workflow (no programming needed), define the fields that need to be completed, invite your team members and assign tasks.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can import one of our Process Templates.

Organize your work life

Manage your daily tasks from any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet). Find all your tasks in your Inbox.

Perform searches and find what you need in seconds.

Complete your tasks

All the information and attachments you need to complete each task in just one place.

Fill in the form fields, attach files of any kind and add comments.

Once the task is completed, the system will automatically assign the next task to the next user.

Analyze your organization

In your Dashboard you’ll find useful stats to help you make decisions.

E.g.: amount of processes created, how many were completed and which tasks are more time-consuming.

Your information divided into processes and tasks to identify where you can improve the performance of your organization.

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Team work

Bring all your team members on board and set permissions for each step of the process. Control every detail of your workflow.

100% cloud-based

No need for extra configuration or installations, nor technical background. Our wizard will guide you through step-by-step.

System Integrations & more

Connect your processes with other systems, send emails, export and print your process instances as PDFs and attach any kind of files.

BPMN Diagrams

The universal standard for modelling business processes. Easy to use and understand, lets you focus on what really matters: your processes.

Improvement cycle

Model, automate, measure & evaluate, and then optimize your business. Complete each step using a single tool for your entire organization.

Awesome Stats

Possibility to generate customized reports for each process to help you identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.

Highly secure

Your information is encrypted, stored in extremely secure data centers and backed up in real time.

Public forms

Allow anyone to initiate one of your processes, even if they don’t have a Flokzu account. Ideal for collecting info from people all over the world.

Search everything

Anything you upload or create in Flokzu is searchable: form fields, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs.

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