AuraPortal alternative for real-life processes

In this article, we analyze and propose Flokzu Cloud BPM as a proven AuraPortal alternative for workflow and business process automation.


AuraPortal is a complete BPM tool that allows you to automate complex processes. It is based on the old BPM paradigm installed on-premise, with very powerful and scalable solutions but that require large investments of time, money and expertise in technology to get the most out of them. It lacks a pure model of Software as a Service, from creating an account to test the tool, to know its prices to estimate its total cost of ownership, requires specialized vendors.

Flokzu was specially designed to speed up the construction and deployment of business processes in a very short time and without technical knowledge. All the relevant functionalities you will need are now available, they are easy to use and are available in the product without requiring additional modules and costs as it happens in AuraPortal. This makes the adoption of Flokzu much faster and incremental: naturally processes from different areas are being added and in a short time it is possible to automate all the processes of the organization.




Allows Process Analysts to model and deploy processes without IT knowledge.


Clear and predictable public pricing model.


Easy adoption (affordable price, create account quickly, set up a process in minutes, invite additional users).


Process visibility and understandability. Modeling using BPMN 2.0 standard (Business Process Management Notation).

Process Versions and Sandbox for process managing, testing, and agile deployment.


Full Document Management System, including field types, advanced searches using data and metadata and full-text search on attachments.

Optional with cost

Advanced scripting engine, complex validations and behaviors, user interface customization.

External participants support, allowing non-authenticated users to start process instances (public form). Moreover, let them participate in the middle of the process execution.


In conclusion…

We are sure that you will find in Flokzu a better alternative to AuraPortal for your processes. The balance between functionality and ease of use is optimal, which allows you to show results much faster, add sponsors and accelerate the digital transformation of your processes. Anyway, there is no better evaluation of a BPM Suite than use it and feel how it adapts to your needs. We invite you to try both BPM suites before making a decision.

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