Monolithic BPM Suites.

Traditional BPM Suites are based in this concept.

Self-contained, powerful and robust, but expensive, complex to use and time-consuming to deploy new processes.

Difficult to pair with agile methodologies and to continuously deliver new versions of the processes.

Expensive license and maintenance prices. High cost of specialized consultant hours.

Monolithic BPM Suite

Microservices based BPM Suites.

Modern BPM Suites are based in this concept.

Smaller functional set, but more specialized in process management and workflow.

Integration with other systems (microservices) and specialized web applications in solving specific problems.

Solutions evolve simpler and quicker. Integrating digital assets (and not trying to reinvent the wheel) is key to Digital Transformation initiatives.

Agility to react faster in highly competitive environments and changing market.

Microservices BPM Suite

Flokzu: Efficiency through integration.

Web Services and Web applications are becoming essential in today's business processes, so it makes no sense separating them from internal processes.

Flokzu lets you integrate them, smoothly exchanging information daily and achieving high levels of efficiency.

Allow us to join your organization on its Digital Transformation journey!

Microservices, web apps and user tasks integration in a business process

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