Pipefy alternative for real-life processes

In this article, we analyze and propose Flokzu BPM as an alternative for automating real life processes and workflows that present requirements and complexities that Pipefy does not support.


Pipefy is a simple-to-use tool, focused on linear processes (pipes). Consequently, it’s not very suitable for processes with conditional paths or parallel routing with conditions. Likewise, UI behavior is not very customizable, sometimes failing to meet user’s specific needs, what reduces adoption.

On the other hand, Flokzu supports BPMN, an international standard (OMG), making non-linear processes more visible and easily understandable for everyone. Moreover, it provides a wider and more powerful BPM & Workflow features. As a result, Flokzu lets you integrate your business processes with other legacy or web apps and have them running in hours (instead of weeks/months).




Gateways in the workflow, supporting non-linear processes and different paths based on conditions (using fields and Boolean logic).


Process visibility and understandability. In other words, modeling using a standard (BPMN 2.0).


Full Web Service Integration, both in the process form (to retrieve or send data) and in the workflow (conditions, assignments, etc.).


Process Versions and Sandbox for process managing, testing, and agile deployment.


Full Document Management System, including field types, advanced searches using data and metadata and full-text search on attachments.


Scripting engine to achieve advanced/complex behaviors on the user interface and validations.


External participants support, allowing non-authenticated users to start process instances (public form). Moreover, letting them participate in the middle of the process execution.


The user interface, public forms and emails customizations using HTML and JavaScript for scripting.


In conclusion…

In short, we believe Flokzu is the best Pipefy alternative when you have real-life complex processes. Above all, there isn’t a better evaluation than using a tool and feeling it. In sum, before making a decision, we suggest trying the BPM Suites.

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