Point of sale requests processes in manufacturing industries.

Attending Point of sale requests (PoS) in Manufacturing Industries is vital for business continuity. Points of sale and distributors need an agile and simple way to request samples, furniture, marketing material, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to follow up on … Read More

Customized quotations in Manufacturing. Processes to speed them up.

Customized quotations in Manufacturing can be a headache for companies in that industry. Manufacturing non-standard products is often difficult, involving leaving the standard operation and production chain. Because of this, estimating prices, delivery dates, and sending special quotes for customized … Read More

Product Life Cycle in Manufacturing Industries.

During the product life cycle in manufacturing industries, minor as well as major changes are required. They can involve everything from new marketing materials, price adjustments, to complete engineering reviews. These tasks can become very difficult to manage and track. … Read More

New product design in manufacturing industries.

The new products design in manufacturing industries is complex, time-consuming, error-prone and very costly. Automating and optimizing these processes is key to meeting market needs quickly, gaining a competitive edge and reducing operating costs. The new product design process Designing … Read More

Agile process: effective and efficient workflow automation

Agile methodologies have proven to be a remedy to the old and endemic problems of software development projects: delays, cost overruns and above all, not meeting the real needs of customers. The same principles can be applied when it comes … Read More

Case management and ad-hoc processes.

Formally defined, structured, and predictable business processes are beautiful. But the reality is more complex, unstructured, and unpredictable in many cases. This is why ad-hoc processes emerge, as a more flexible, unstructured, and collaboration-oriented subcategory. And later, the concept of … Read More

Coronavirus processes that helped most against the pandemic.

When the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic began in the early months of 2020, we at Flokzu launched an emergency plan to help all organizations in need. The idea was simple: if our technology can be useful for the continuity of your … Read More

Process Digitization using BPMN and a BPM Software Suite.

Process digitization involves making the best use of available digital assets to transform a process with manual or analog components into a digital and automated one. What assets do we already have? We can move forward in the process digitization … Read More

Open source workflow vs BPM Suites with API’s

You are developing a new software project, and you realize that for a part of it, you need a state machine. Or in other words, a workflow. You immediately think about looking for an open-source workflow engine that you can … Read More

Decision Matrix to prioritize new features.

When you have a product with tens of thousands of subscribed organizations, you receive tens, maybe hundreds of requests for new features… every month! The decision matrix and a formal process to prioritize features are key to wisely decide which … Read More