Productivity through Workflow Automation. 8 concrete Tips.

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Boosting your productivity through workflow automation is much more than just a fashion idea. It’s a way to reduce tasks that don’t add value, and use your most scarce resource – time – in a much better way. Below I present 8 real and concrete tips, with immediate instrumentation to boost your team productivity through […]

Reducing costs through workflow automation

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Reducing costs through workflow automation A complete area of knowledge is dedicated to the study of costs, and most importantly, how to calculate them. In this practical post, I will focus on reducing costs through workflow automation. I will cover those specific aspects applicable to any company that produces goods or provides services, from the […]

Starter Guide

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About This Starter Guide aims to explain the essential details needed to set your organization processes and reinforce useful process management concepts. If you have any comments/questions, contact a Flokzu business process analyst or email us at   Basic Concepts Business Process A business process is a collection of linked tasks in which different actors […]

From Order to Cash

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Every company, but mostly small and medium ones, needs to sell more in order to grow. And this necessarily implies receiving, processing, delivering and ensuring customer satisfaction with more orders. For each order, several tasks will be performed, from receiving the order to receiving the payment and checking customer satisfaction. There are four pillars you […]

Intermediate timers

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The intermediate timer is used to delay the execution of a certain step of the process. Once the flow reaches an intermediate timer, it starts counting the time and the flow stops. Once the time interval is reached, the flow continues. The feature is only available to Premium accounts; you can set it up like […]

Flokzu recognized by experts with two top BPM software awards

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As an ambitious team, we understand and appreciate the role expert recognition has in tickling customers’ interest in Flokzu’s benefits. In fact, we are delighted each time a prospective customer reaches to us, and shares his impressions over a detailed and recommending review he discovered somewhere on the web. Nowadays, when most businesses rely on […]