Low-code/no-code technology: getting into practice

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Business Process Management (BPM) proposes an intuitive way to visualize workflows within an organization, while allowing the creation of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance, evaluate and subsequently remodel the processes to improve productivity. Using a platform with low-code/no-code technology makes this much easier. It is essential that the BPM tool your organization chooses […]

Hyperautomation of processes. Our take on Gartner’s 2021 predictions.

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The prestigious technology consulting firm Gartner published this article on April 28th and forecasts that the global market for hyperautomation of processes will reach $600 billion by 2022. “Hyperautomation has shifted from an option to a condition of survival”. “Organizations will require more IT and business process automation as they are forced to accelerate digital […]

HR forms in Manufacturing. Digital Processes.

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It is common to have dozens of HR forms in manufacturing companies. Further, the Human Resources departments of these industries receive by e-mail, Whatsapp, or directly on paper hundreds of documents from employees, with all kinds of requirements, applications, incidents, etc. These manual forms are sometimes lost. And always, always, they require a lot of […]

Point of sale requests processes in manufacturing industries.

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Attending Point of sale requests (PoS) in Manufacturing Industries is vital for business continuity. Points of sale and distributors need an agile and simple way to request samples, furniture, marketing material, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to follow up on these requests and respond in the committed time. In this article, we will see concrete […]

Customized quotations in Manufacturing. Processes to speed them up.

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Customized quotations in Manufacturing can be a headache for companies in that industry. Manufacturing non-standard products is often difficult, involving leaving the standard operation and production chain. Because of this, estimating prices, delivery dates, and sending special quotes for customized products requires collaboration between several areas. These workflows can take much more time than expected, […]

Product Life Cycle in Manufacturing Industries.

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During the product life cycle in manufacturing industries, minor as well as major changes are required. They can involve everything from new marketing materials, price adjustments, to complete engineering reviews. These tasks can become very difficult to manage and track. Collaboration is complex because it involves several areas, from technical specifications to marketing, operations, etc. […]

New product design in manufacturing industries.

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The new products design in manufacturing industries is complex, time-consuming, error-prone and very costly. Automating and optimizing these processes is key to meeting market needs quickly, gaining a competitive edge and reducing operating costs. The new product design process Designing a new product is a process that involves several areas of the organization. From the […]