HR automation. Workflows and BPM for human resources management.

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HR automation is essential to streamline workflows and documents in every Human Resources department. It is a key instrument to better help employees but, it also matters to build an efficient HR department. Just a few typical examples: Staff requisition New-hire onboarding Employee offboarding Training requisition Performance evaluation Leave request Notice of absence Vacations and extraordinary […]

What is Digital Transformation? How BPM helps in this journey?

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Digital Transformation means taking the most out of available digital tools to optimize your specific business in every possible way. Hence, Digital Transformation is not an end. It is not a result. It’s not even a goal. In contrast, Digital Transformation is a journey. A long journey of analyzing the business and applying the best digital technologies for […]

Maintenance Request Process Template. Ready to use workflow.

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Maintenance Request Process Template lets you automate the workflow of receiving, analyzing and following up issues until they are solved. Automating this process under the BPM paradigm provides several benefits. Maintenance Request Process Template Advantages: Provide a formal path for employees to submit maintenance requests. Consequently, you can avoid emails, phone calls and other informal, error-prone, mechanisms. […]

Workflow integration with Zapier with examples [Updated]

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In this post we will cover the Business Process and Workflow integration with Zapier. We will provide two concrete examples, to communicate your workflows with any of your other favorite web apps. As a result, you can expect a relevant productivity increase.   As organizations become digital, we are gradually switching to services in the cloud. Consequently, […]