Deliverable approval workflow. Tommy y Clerius [Chapter 2]

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In the previous chapter, Tommy and Clerius faced the intense pain of growing for the first time. In this opportunity, they have a new challenge, to manage the deliverable approval workflow in their consultancy firm. That is the flow that must follow each document that their organization produces, ensuring that its quality standards are met. […]

What is Workflow?

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A workflow is a set of interrelated activities, organized and repeatable. These activities are executed by human or systems, to meet one or more business needs. Organizations execute their workflows to provide services, process information, transform materials, etc; everything that helps them achieve their objectives. Real Example: Job Application For example, when we want to […]

Monolithic and Microservices BPM Suites

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Monolithic and Microservices are the two main tendencies in BPM Suites nowadays. And yes, microservices, agility, robustness, scalability… they are all cool features for a Business Process Management Suite (BPM Suite). But which of them really matter most to your organization? There are a gradual but constant migration from Monolithic BPM Suites in large companies […]

BPM Awards – Flokzu recognized by experts as a cloud BPM world leader

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As an ambitious team providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, we truly appreciate the experts’ recognition, especially BPM awards. In fact, we are delighted every time a customer shares his impressions over a detailed review. Nowadays, most businesses rely on B2B expertise to choose a Business Process Management Suite, impressing professionals has become more significant […]

HR automation. Workflows and BPM for Human Resources management.

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HR automation is essential to streamline workflows and documents in every Human Resources department. It is a key instrument to better help employees but, it also matters to build an efficient HR department. Just a few typical examples:     Staff requisition New-hire onboarding Employee offboarding Training requisition Performance evaluation Leave request Notice of absence Vacations […]

What is Digital Transformation? How BPM helps in this journey?

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Digital Transformation means taking the most out of available digital tools to optimize your specific business in every possible way. Hence, Digital Transformation is not an end. It is not a result. It’s not even a goal. In contrast, Digital Transformation is a journey. A long journey of analyzing the business and applying the best digital technologies for […]