BPM Awards – Flokzu recognized by experts as a cloud BPM world leader

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As an ambitious team providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, we truly appreciate the experts’ recognition, especially BPM awards. In fact, we are delighted every time a customer shares his impressions over a detailed review. Nowadays, most businesses rely on B2B expertise to choose a Business Process Management Suite, impressing professionals has become more significant […]

Low-code / no-code Workflow & BPM platforms give IT a breath

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Low-code / no-code means that it is not necessary to program (code) to build a new software application. In particular, the low-code / no-code workflow and BPM platforms allow you to automate business processes and workflows completely without programming skills. On the other hand, software development teams, and information technology (IT) units in general, are […]

Vacation Request Workflow. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 8]

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It was time to rest, so Tommy and Clerius thought about implementing a vacation request workflow (holiday request). As a result, this workflow will allow employees to easily create their leave requests. Furthermore, it will ease the review and approval process, enabling business continuity. Vacation Request Workflow The workflow for requesting and approving vacation (or […]

Performance evaluation workflow. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 7]

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The organization grew, Tommy and Clerius need to define performance evaluation workflow for their teams. Evaluating performance is key to improvement and recognition, but it involves a huge number of chained tasks and coordinated actions between different people. This workflow cannot be relegated to memory or goodwill. It must be formalized in a cloud workflow […]

Creativity and team building. Ping-Pong, yes or no? Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 6]

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The arguments of creativity and team building are contrasted with those of productivity and distraction when companies evaluate having a Table-Tennis table. The time has come for Tommy and Clerius to evaluate this topic and respond to the request of one of their main employees who requested, almost demanded, a space for a Ping-Pong table. […]

Cloud Workflow to improve cashflow. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 5]

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Tommy and Clerius are facing a new and big problem: their cashflow has worsened dramatically. Could the cloud workflow tool they have chosen help them? In past chapters, Flokzu (the cloud workflow they’ve chosen) helped them with their growth problems, with their deliverable approval workflow, with complaints and claims, and ultimately to implement the discipline […]

BPM Tool for administrative processes. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 3]

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In the previous chapters, using a BPM tool, Tommy and Clerius solved their growing pains and deliverables approval workflow problems at their consulting firm, CleTo. Now, a new unforeseen one appears: changes in the legal regulations, force them to process the Complaints, Claims and Suggestions in less than 5 working days. Not only this, but […]