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Cloud BPM for effective time management

Every CEO or Manager tries to design an effective time management strategy. Time is a limited resource and it’s difficult to complete all of our tasks efficiently. So there are plenty of posts, books and recommendations to manage your time. But there are not enough practical and accessible tools for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that allow an effective time management.

This post will cover 4 specific instruments of Flokzu as a Cloud BPM, that provide what every CEO or Manager of an SME wishes: Prioritize what adds to our value proposition and reduce the time taken in repetitive tasks.

1. BPM Inbox

Effective time management = list pending tasks, prioritize and always know what tasks still remain to be done.

This is the ultimate goal of a BPM Inbox: a centralized space where each user receives all process instances (e.g. documents).

The user can sort, prioritize and plan their work. And most importantly, you always know how much work is pending and what things remain to be done, completing the most urgent ones first.

In addition, the Cloud BPM software registers how long the task has been pending and can even increase its priority if it exceeds a predefined value (e.g. 3 days) to be processed right away. Likewise, the BPMS can alert the user (e.g. send an email).

2. Document management

Looking for a specific document can be one of the most annoying ways to waste your time.

Proper document management will allow us to save time on secondary (but necessary) tasks, such as:

  • Finding the last version of a document
  • Freezing the final version of a document (e.g. a signed contract) and avoiding further modifications.
  • Centralizing documents, facilitating where to look, without searching through emails, PC files, a server, etc.

3. Knowledge management

Remember that proposal you sent a few years ago? Imagine how useful it could be right now.

The documents that were generated in our organization (SME or not) are an important asset. But if we can’t reuse them as needed, that asset becomes worthless. The correct Cloud BPM Software allows us to design a proper knowledge management strategy to:

  • Perform intelligent searches using metadata (relevant fields associated with each process) as well as looking into the contents of the files (full-text search). That way we can have easy access to the things we need.
  • Share knowledge. Nothing is more useless than developing a project/document/task from scratch when we have already done it or have a person with the specific know-how to do it. A suitable BPMS lets us identify the right people and work collaboratively.
  • Have the knowledge we need, when we need it and as we need it.

4. Deadlines and alerts

Additional tasks, corrections, notifications, reports, etc. derived from missed deadlines are preventable. A Cloud BPM software can handle different levels of alerts:

  • Execution deadlines of a task. Any task that exceeds the deadline generates an automatic alert.
  • Specific alerts for tasks. A few days before the deadline, the BPMS alerts the users.


If time is money, for an SME an effective time management strategy can make the difference between growing and failing. The CEO and Management should maximize the available time to complete valuable tasks: improve customer service, internal operations, and development. If you are wasting time on repetitive tasks, the future of your SME can be jeopardized. Flokzu supports effective time management and reduces the waste of time.

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