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Flokzu meets Zapier – HowTo [deprecated]

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2 thoughts on “Flokzu meets Zapier – HowTo [deprecated]

  1. Hi there,

    We know it’s in Beta, but is it possible to have more than 1 zapier services in one proces?

    When are you planning to go into production with Zapier?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. At the moment you can include as many invokations to Zapier as you want in a process.
      The thing is that on the Zapier end you can only define what happens according to a process, not to a particular path in the workflow. So you cannot do different things depending on which Zapier invokation you came from.

      We don’t plan on going into production with Zapier any time soon, but even though we’re in bete you should still be able to set up the integration and use it without a problem.

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