Detailed report of a process instance

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The Metrics & Reports section provides an overview of the processes and tasks in your organization. But sometimes it is useful to know what happened excatly with a given process instance. For that, Administrator users can download a complete report, accessible from the process instance itself. To do so, open the instance that interests you […]

Useful scripts

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In the process form you can define a script field (one of the functions available under calculated field) to write your own validation scripts and calculations in Flokzu. This post puts together some useful scripts and explains how they work.   Performing arithmetic operations Since the scripting engine is JavaScript, some adjustments need to be […]

Launch a process from another

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Usually business processes are linked and some depend on others. Once the Recruitment process is completed, the Induction and Training process begins. Upon completion of a sale, the Invoicing process has to be launched. And like these, there are many more examples. The advantage of modeling processes independently and interconnecting them is that you can measure […]

Exporting the process workflow

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You’ll probably want to export the workflow diagram at some point. You may want to send it to other members of your organization to get their feedback, or print it for a meeting or make notes… No matter the reason, working on the flowchart is an important part of managing your processes.   In Flokzu […]

Message Center

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All users with access to a Flokzu account will have their own Message Center. There they will find In-App messages sent to them and comments published in a process instances in which they participate. To open it, click the bell icon in the top right of every page.   In-App messages are configured using a Send Task […]

Users & Roles

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Flokzu is first and foremost a collaborative tool. The real value of automating processes is to get teams to coordinate their tasks without having to assign and control them manually. That’s why you should invite other users of your area, team or organization that will participate in the process. This should be done from the User […]