Reassign tasks to other users

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Business Process Management is useful to ensure that processes always run the same way. Since tasks are assigned during the modeling stage, users will receive tasks automatically in their Inbox at the right time. That is one of the main advantages of a BPMS. But in organizations, unforeseen events usually arise and modeling the process prior to execution does […]

Complete tasks via email

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Flokzu tasks can be completed from the Inbox or directly via email. This saves time and allows making decisions from anywhere, even if you’re not logged into Flokzu.   Assignees will be notified by mail when a new tasks has been assigned, showing the document fields and buttons representing the options to complete the task.     They can […]

Purchase Requisition Template

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Companies usually have (or should have) process for managing the acquisition of new products and services. This Purchase Requisition Template was designed to support the request/approval of each new necessity. The Purchase Requisition Template is similar to the Supply Request Template, but was specifically intended for those cases where the amount of the purchase is greater […]