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Flokzu is first and foremost a document management tool. So an important part of creating a process in Flokzu is the process form definition.

You can think of the form as the structure that travels between different members of your organization in order to complete tasks of the process. The fields included in the form will allow you to gather the necessary information throughout all stages of the process. The document that the users must complete consists of these fields, attachments and comments.

The form is defined once when you create the process and it must contain all fields. While only certain fields should be visible in certain stages, you should include them all in the form definition.

To add a new field into the form, you have to select the field type and drag and drop it into the form. You can drop it in multiple places:



Once you click a field in your form, you can see its set up. To edit it, you have two options: click the pencil icon or the “Edit field” link.



You can design a grid structure for your form and include more than one field in a single row. Here is how you can split/join a row:



You can also reorder rows at any given time:



And delete fields or entire rows:



The field name is mandatory and will indicate the name of that field in the document.

The description is optional. If you decide to provide a description, it will be displayed to help the user complete the field. A possible description could be “Enter here the years of experience in similar positions”.

The default value is also optional. If completed, the field will be preset with it.

The data type lets you choose among the following options:

  • Fields Title: It’s not an input field. You can use it as a heading to separate a set of fields in the form.
  • Text: single line text
  • Text area: for multiple lines
  • Email
  • Web Link
  • Integer numer
  • Decimal
  • Date
  • Time
  • Yes/No
  • Combo box: You must enter the different combo box values. Users can select only one option.
  • Multiselect combo box: You must enter the different combo box values. Users can select multiple options.
  • Checklist
  • Table
  • Calculated
  • Attachment
  • Signature: users can draw a signature using mouse, pen, or finger on touch enabled devices.

Then you must set the visibility. You can choose among the following options:

  • Hidden: the field is not displayed.
  • Read-only: users can view the field but cannot edit it.
  • Editable: users can edit the field.
  • Required: users cannot complete the task until they have filled in the field.


You can do it by field, task or script. Setting the visibility by field or value is the simplest but least flexible option while setting the visibility by script is the most complex but most flexible option.

Using a script lets you define the visibility dynamically, based on the value of other fields. If you want to create a customized script for your form, drop us an email at

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