Process Digitization using BPMN and a BPM Software Suite.

Process digitization involves making the best use of available digital assets to transform a process with manual or analog components into a digital and automated one. What assets do we already have? We can move forward in the process digitization … Read More

Open source workflow vs BPM Suites with API’s

You are developing a new software project, and you realize that for a part of it, you need a state machine. Or in other words, a workflow. You immediately think about looking for an open-source workflow engine that you can … Read More

Decision Matrix to prioritize new features.

When you have a product with tens of thousands of subscribed organizations, you receive tens, maybe hundreds of requests for new features… every month! The decision matrix and a formal process to prioritize features are key to wisely decide which … Read More

Administrative process in manufacturing.

Historically, optimization efforts in manufacturing companies were focused on production processes. In general, all industries have their production processes optimized, measured, and controlled. But not every administrative process in manufacturing is optimized. The support processes, or administrative processes, have been … Read More

Workflow and BPM price. Visible, hidden and invisible costs.

Historically, the price of Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow software licenses was expensive. Expensive or cheap is a subjective perception, of course. But in general terms, for any medium or small organization, it was impossible to access these technologies … Read More

BPM tools with preset processes.

Given the deep knowledge we have on the BPMN discipline, and by being caught up with the tool development every day, we sometimes assume that everyone knows as much as we do. And often, we realize that’s incorrect. Most people … Read More

5 ways Flokzu makes working from home easier

Working from home could be of great use sometimes. Yet on occasions, it may be difficult to ensure that the productivity levels won’t be affected, or that the main processes of the company would continue to work properly. It is … Read More

Service process in professional and consulting firms

A service process supports or assists the core work of professionals and consultants in service firms. As an example, the process of expenses reimbursements is not central to the delivery of the service; but it is important to the management … Read More

SaaS BPM – The new paradigm for process automation.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model. It is especially suitable for process automation, through SaaS BPM and SaaS Workflow Suites, reducing its complexity and costs. In this model, the process automation software is licensed … Read More

What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation is key in any organization to make it more efficient, compete better and grow. Benefits are countless, but there are challenges. … Read More