Customer success processes

A customer’s success in using the products or services we offer must be managed to maximize it (Customer Success). Success is when customers achieve or exceed the results they were looking for when they purchased our products or services. There … Read More

Office automation. Workflows to reduce email and Excel volume. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 8]

When the Head of the Administration Department, Mrs. Numer, confronted Tommy, he already knew that the need was for office automation. His company, CleTo, had grown a lot, and it was impossible to continue managing administrative processes with Excel spreadsheets, … Read More

Financial process in the cloud.

Any pure financial process and any other administrative workflow of the finance area of any company have always been under the microscope for automation and improvement. In fact, they were among the first applications of workflow and BPM tools. Lately, … Read More

Vacation Request Workflow. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 8]

It was time to rest, so Tommy and Clerius thought about implementing a vacation request workflow (holiday request). As a result, this workflow will allow employees to easily create their leave requests. Furthermore, it will ease the review and approval … Read More

Performance evaluation workflow. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 7]

The organization grew, Tommy and Clerius need to define performance evaluation workflow for their teams. Evaluating performance is key to improvement and recognition, but it involves a huge number of chained tasks and coordinated actions between different people. This workflow … Read More

Creativity and team building. Ping-Pong, yes or no? Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 6]

The arguments of creativity and team building are contrasted with those of productivity and distraction when companies evaluate having a Table-Tennis table. The time has come for Tommy and Clerius to evaluate this topic and respond to the request of … Read More

Cloud Workflow – what is it? Can it improve cashflow? Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 5]

Tommy and Clerius are facing a new and big problem: their cashflow has worsened dramatically. Could the cloud workflow tool they have chosen help them? Before we dive into our hero’s issue, let’s take a moment to identify what is … Read More

BPM Tool for administrative processes. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 3]

In the previous chapters, using a BPM tool, Tommy and Clerius solved their growing pains and deliverables approval workflow problems at their consulting firm, CleTo. Now, a new unforeseen one appears: changes in the legal regulations, force them to process … Read More

Deliverable approval workflow. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 2]

In the previous chapter, Tommy and Clerius faced the intense pain of growing for the first time. In this opportunity, they have a new challenge, to manage the deliverable approval workflow in their consultancy firm. That is the flow that … Read More

Workflow integration with Zapier with examples

In this post, we will cover the Business Process and Workflow integration with Zapier. We will provide two concrete examples, to communicate your workflows with any of your other favorite web apps. As a result, you can expect a relevant productivity increase. … Read More