Workflow integration with Zapier with examples

In this post, we will cover the Business Process and Workflow integration with Zapier. We will provide two concrete examples, to communicate your workflows with any of your other favorite web apps. As a result, you can expect a relevant productivity increase. … Read More

From Order to Cash – Delivering more and better.

Every company needs to sell more in order to grow. And this necessarily implies receiving, processing, delivering and ensuring customer satisfaction with more orders. Automating the ” From order to cash ” process is key in any growing strategy. For … Read More

Customer Story: Multicontainer success case. BPM in a geographically distributed company.

Multicontainer success case covers Flokzu’s adoption in a multinational company specialized in the rental and sale of sea containers. … Read More

Flokzu for BPM consultants

Flokzu for BPM consultants and process improvement specialists is a great instrument to complement your consultancy services. You will provide a real, practical application to your customers to automate (not just modeling), measure and improve their business processes. Often those … Read More

Best processes to automate (infographic)

This infographic will help you understand which are the best processes to automate. Plus, it includes best practices for BPM. … Read More

Insurance company: processes to the rescue

The insurance company was suffering the consequences of having manual processes. After proper analysis, the main processes were selected to automate. … Read More