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Why Flokzu is the smart choice?

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BPM tool comparative:


Kissflow allows the automation of simple processes, as it is a very simple tool. But this is often a problem, given that growing organizations not only have simple processes to run, and those complex processes require a better support system.


Pipefy is a very simple BPM tool, but with a UI that is not adaptable to the user. Often, this leads to leaving some business needs unattended, which reduces the adoption.


Process.st is a checklist software, not a Business Process Management Suite. It does not support real business process, with Workflows, and it does not work with BPMN, the international standard.


AuraPortal is based on the old BPM paradigm, installed on-premise. It requires a long investment and a large IT team to take full advantage of the tool. It lacks a Software as a Service model, where you can try the tool beforehand.

The BPM tool that fits every need

Choose a platform that is adaptable to companies of all sizes, with processes that you can configure as it better fits your needs. Flokzu is a powerful BPM tool, capable of running complex processes, but it's simple to use.

Have any questions?

CRM over BPM? Creatio (ex "Bpm'online") comparative

Creatio was originally built to be a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), so even now that has evolved, it mainly offers commercial process solutions. Adopting this software in other departments of for non-commercial procceses requires more time and a bigger investment. More information on Creatio (formerly "Bpm'online") comparative here

Does Flokzu have integration with other systems and web apps?

Integration is one of our key Features as a Cloud BPM software. You can fill your form fields using external data, or send data to another system using WebServices. You can attach files from Google Drive. And you can also share information with most web apps using Zapier. In sum, you will be able to ingrate all the valuable information chain.

Can I interact with people that doesn't have a Flokzu account?

Yes! Flokzu counts with a special feature that allows an external participant that will receive an email with a link to participate. Learn here how to take full advantage of this feature!

How do I know that Flokzu is helping my business?

Key Performance Indicators are a crucial element at the moment to measure the improvements in your business. Flokzu provides tools that measure these indicators, and then show this information in a very intuitive and simple way. Here is a full article on short and long term KPI's.

Can I test my Processes before I launch them?

Sandbox and Versions is one of Flokzu's most used features. It allows you to test any process without worrying who is assigned to the tasks, and it was specially designed not to generate data in the trays or reports that may affect your real data. If you want to learn more about Sandbox and Versions, here is a full article on it.

Why should I adopt a BPM tool for my company?

We believe that for a business to grow, one of the key steps is to organize their processes to gain efficiency and effectiveness. Having a BPM software would allow you to spend your time in a better way, and therefore be able to reach your goals.

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