Flokzu for consultants

Often those who offer consulting services have difficulty providing a practical solution for their advice. You can use Flokzu to put your suggestions into practice and use a ready-to-use tool that does not require major changes nor investments.
If you offer consulting services in business management, process management (BPM), continuous improvement or optimization of business processes can model your client's processes using Flokzu. Once modeled, you can deliver them as part of your services and employees use the app to complete assigned tasks.
Plus you can use the Dashboard (including a Business Intelligence tool) which provides historical and real-time data about the processes. You can analyze the efficiency of your clients’ organizations and provide objective information on the operation of their business, identify bottlenecks and help them implement improvements. How long does it take to complete a business processes? Which tasks require more time? Which users are more efficient? All these questions can be answered using Flokzu, helping you make strategic decisions and future projections.
What Flokzu can do for you:
  • Provide a practical application to your consulting services
  • Gather objective information to make decisions, justifying your suggestions with real data instead of perceptions
  • Offer a tool that allows you to model processes along with your clients, then measure and improve them
  • Reapply your know-how with different clients
What we offer:
  • Attractive commission for all client subscription fees paid to Flokzu
  • Possibility of offering additional consulting services in process improvement
  • Premium Support
  • Full training to learn how to use our tool
  • Inclusion on our consultants list by location