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Flokzu has plans that scale with your needs. Subscribe to a plan that fits the size of your business.

Simple and comprehensive billing

We believe that customer relationship should be a part of every business. All our plans have been designed to fit most business needs.


$ 50/month

unlimited users

50 Process instances per month

1 Gb storage

1 Public Form

5 Databases with up to 500 records each

1 Custom Report


$ 15/month

per user

1,000 Process instances per month

10 Gb storage

5 Public Form

Unlimited Databases

10 Custom Reports


$ 21/month

per user

Unlimited process instances

Unlimited storage

Unlimited Public Forms

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited Custom Reports

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Processes & Forms




Process Instances per month

50 ($50 extra per 50 additional process instances)




1 GB

10 GB



Chat & Email

Weekdays, 24-hour response time

Weekdays, 6-hour response time

Public Forms





5 with up to 500 records each

Unlimited with up to 1,000 records each

Unlimited with up to 10,000 records each

Custom Reports




Inclusive Gateway to run parallel tasks

API access

$25 extra

Non-interrupting & intermediate timers

Custom printing format

Monthly hours of BPM Consultancy Services

Have any questions?

What is the currency of the prices?

All prices are expressed in United States Dollars (USD).

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay your subscription through a PayPal account. Depending on your country of residence, PayPal lets you use a credit card, a debit card or a bank account. It’s possible to evaluate alternative payment methods (e.g. bank transfer) for those who do not have a PayPal account. Contact us at

If I subscribe to a paying plan, for which users will I be charged?

You must pay for each active user of your organization. Active users are those who confirmed the invitation sent through Flokzu.

Some users are not actively using Flokzu. Do I have to pay for them?

Once a user confirms the invitation, you’ll have to pay for it. If the user is not actively participating, you can delete it to avoid paying for it. If you then decide to add that user again, you can send a new invitation to reactivate the account.

If I add or remove users, how will that affect my subscription costs?

Monthly charges will be calculated according to the number of active users of your account during that month.

Can I cancel my subscription or change my current plan?

You can cancel your subscription, change plans or payment frequency (monthly or annually) at any time. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, so we suggest you modify your subscription at the end of the month.

Is there special pricing for educational institutions & nonprofit organizations?

Yes, we love supporting great causes and are very committed to helping spread the word about Business Process Management (BPM). That’s why we offer a great discount rate, to apply please get in touch with us.

Do you provide a volume discount for large companies?

Yes, we already work with large companies and offer a volume discount for teams of 50+ people. Write us at for a simple quote.

Need a custom plan?

If you have specific needs that differ from one of our plans, please get in touch by emailing to discuss a custom option.