Administrative process in the industry.

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Historically, optimization efforts in the industry were focused on production processes. In general, all industries have their production processes optimized, measured, and controlled. But not every administrative process in the industry is optimized. The support processes, or administrative processes, have been left aside and usually run in a suboptimal way. This implies more personnel to […]

Workflow and BPM price. Visible, hidden and invisible costs.

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Historically, the price of Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow software licenses was expensive. Expensive or cheap is a subjective perception, of course. But in general terms, for any medium or small organization, it was impossible to access these technologies mainly because of license price. An additional aspect, and not less important, is that it […]

Office automation. Workflows to reduce email and Excel volume. Tommy & Clerius [Chapter 8]

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When the Head of the Administration Department, Mrs. Numer, confronted Tommy, he already knew that the need was for office automation. His company, CleTo, had grown a lot, and it was impossible to continue managing administrative processes with Excel spreadsheets, and emails. Many emails. Some of the tasks that are typically handled with spreadsheets and […]