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Project Management Automation

Flokzu Elite Plan.
Flokzu offers a portfolio of processes for Project Management. This means that when you create a Flokzu account, the processes described here will be pre-configured for you. This portfolio of work processes may not be 100% aligned to your current project procedures, but thanks to the low-code/no-code and user-friendly Flokzu features, adjustments can be made easily by your internal system administrator or even by you no matter if you have IT knowledge or not.

Taking your game to the next level

Projects require frequent and complex multi-disciplinary interactions, which in turn have a direct impact on performance, cost and schedule. Experience shows that projects with Automated Processes are game changers.
Engineering and EPC firms would normally have their own delivery systems and work processes, but are lacking controls over staff interactions and transactions, which can be counted by the thousands over the course of a project. This simple human factor is the major cause of under-performing projects failing to meet baseline KPIs.
One can compare this to a city without traffic lights, versus a city equipped with smart traffic control systems.


Reduced duration of delivery processes.

Process task sequences e.g. quotation request or 3D model review, are automated with time controls and alarms, ensuring timely delivery.

Consistency and uniformity in delivery.

Many automated work processes carry pre-formatted documentation and templates so that the tasks are consistently repeated throughout the duration of the project

Increased accountability.

No tasks are left unattended. The system allows re-assignment within each process instance by the nominated participant. Moreover, approved users or the administrator can re-assign tasks for out-of-office periods, holidays, etc.

Monitoring of work processes.

Real-time dashboard allows the project manager to be informed on any process instances in progress, their status, but more importantly any delays or roadblocks needing attention, based on exception alarms.

Increased productivity & achieving progress metrics.

Every participant will be able to complete their tasks on time, resulting in a more efficient operation.

Enhanced reputation and return business by continuously improving your operations.

Historical dashboard provides useful feedback on work processes performance to allow improvements in workflows content and functions.

Most used processes in Project Management Automation

Other processes that you may find in Project Management Automation

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