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Using a BPM tool in HR departments

We have experience making HR departments perform better. Discover how several companies improve their performance by choosing the right BPM tool.

Choosing what your company needs

Human Resources is one of the most prolific departments in any company in terms of processes. Often, those processes are handled via email, or with endless spreadsheets, or even Whatsapp. This provides a sense of lack of professionalism that affects the performance and status of the entire company. Automating the whole department with one single tool is possible with Flokzu. Optimize your resources, improve compliance with corporate policy, and gain more time to spend on more complex issues.


Increase productivity & revenue

Every participant will be able to complete their tasks on time, resulting in a more efficient operation. Increase your revenue by continuously improving your processes.


Managing your processes will result in an agile company. Make decisions in half the time you are making them now. All involved parties will be able to continue working as efficient and effective as ever.


Model your processes as your company may need and adapt them as you want. With low-code / no-codee technology, you will be able to automate any process without IT knowledge or external consultants.

Task management

Reach your goals by managing each task. Track their status from the beginning to the end. Know where the bottlenecks are, and obtain the information and data you need to optimize every task in your processes.

Objective data

Using Flokzu, you will obtain objective data regarding the performance of your processes, both active and past. You can set up Custom Reports with the information your team values most.

Digital transformation

Have in one place all your digital documents, databases, forms, and the processes associated with them. Eliminate all the inefficiency of handling a million spreadsheets, emails, or even Whatsapp messages.

Most used processes

  • Request of per diems or advances

    This is one of the most common processes in any organization. Automating this process will mean much less paperwork in many departments. You will gain time to spend on more relevant tasks and leave this routine process automated.
    Another important benefit of automating this process with Flokzu is that it can be started anywhere from a mobile device, saving even more time and preventing people from forgetting to launch it. Also, having this process formally modeled will improve compliance with the corporate reimbursement policy.

    reimbursement request process
  • Performance evaluation

    Evaluating performance is key to improvement and recognition, but it involves a great number of chained tasks and coordinated actions between different people. Without automating this process, it takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate all parts involved.
    This workflow cannot be relegated to memory or goodwill. It must be formalized in a cloud workflow tool, accessible to everyone involved. Is in this way that the company will improve the satisfaction of the team members.

    complex process
  • New position request

    Sometimes a new position is required, and the process of hiring someone for this position is often very messy. A lot of time is spent on interviews that were not necessary, or the wrong candidates apply because the specifications were not clear. Hundreds of emails are exchanged between one department and another, and so forth.
    You can model the process as it better fits the organization's needs. Establishing every step a resume has to take before arriving at an interview. After the interview, set up what are the next steps in case of hiring the candidate or not. All in the same workflow. Set up automatic notifications, and enjoy a smooth process that will give you an organized workspace and efficient results.

    complex process
  • Vacation Request

    The vacation request process is one of the most used in HR departments around the world. This does not mean that it’s less important or that it is done easily. Not having this process well automated could mean a lot of time and resources lost on unnecessary stages.
    Automating this process with Flokzu helps the organization plan absences better. And employees have a friendly tool to request, follow up, and know the resolution of their request, adapting the process to the company’s needs.

    vacation request process

Proven to be successful

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